Work Samples

02/24/2009 16:05

Nicolo Pignatelli and Gulf Italian

 1-      What should Pignatelli do? What should you do and why? His ethical dilemmas are operating 50 % of the capacity of the refinery or shutting down the refinery. Pignatelli has to avoid the ethical lapses because his decision will affect individuals and his...
02/24/2009 16:01

Trying to Change the Corporate Culture of a Multinational Enterprise: General Semiconductor

1.      In your opinion, what actions taken by Ostertag stood the most changing General Semiconductor’s culture? In my opinion, one of his big actions, which he took for changing General Semiconductor’s culture, was managing across cultures. Ostertag challenge was he need...

Resarch Paper

02/24/2009 16:10

Persian Leopard: Panthera pardus saxicolor

02/24/2009 16:08


  ABSTRACT Breast cancer is one of common cancers between women. Scientist discovered three genes that cause the breast cancer. Three genes which related to breast cancer are BRCA-1, BRCA-2 and HER-2. BRCA stand for BReast CAncer and HER-2 stand for Human Epidermal growth Receptor 2 gene....

Project Paper

02/24/2009 16:33

Project Paper:Human and Chimpanzee

   Humans and chimpanzees are close relatives, and they have common ancestors. Humans and chimpanzees come from the same superfamily, family, subfamily, and tribe. Human and chimpanzee ancestors split 6.3 millions years ago at the earliest, but fossil records show that the earliest...

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